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At GARG, a Service-Disabled-Veteran-Owned-Small-Business, we pride ourselves on our extensive Military & Intelligence Community experience and expertise. Our suite of services, designed to meet the rigorous demands of government procurement, is a testament to our commitment to excellence, safety, and security. We bring a wealth of experience in tactical training, alongside specialized building maintenance services, including asbestos abatement, and advanced cyber IT security solutions.


Our team's expertise have successfully led diverse teams globally, handling complex challenges that range from security to building reconstruction and digital threat mitigation. This broad spectrum of experience has been seamlessly integrated into our service offerings, ensuring we provide comprehensive solutions tailored to the unique needs of sensitive customers.


Key offerings include:

  • Building Maintenance Services: Specializing in asbestos abatement, our services ensure that all facilities meet the highest standards of safety and compliance.

  • Cyber security Solutions: Our Cyber security services are built on years of experience in digital threat mitigation, providing robust protection against a wide array of digital threats, ensuring the integrity and security of sensitive information.


At GARG, we understand the importance of reliability, efficiency, and precision in government contracting. Our dedicated team is committed to delivering services that not only meet but exceed the expectations of our government partners. With our unparalleled experience and comprehensive suite of services, we are uniquely positioned to address the complex challenges faced by government agencies today.

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